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Come 'n' cook


Nykterida restaurant with a long experience in quality cooking and traditional flavors gives a chance to all foreign visitors to learn the secrets of the Cretan gastronomic heritage.

Restaurant Organizes “Interactive Coοking Lessons of Traditional Cretan Dishes” for small and large groups in English Language.

Each group will get to choose, prepare and finally eat all dishes prepared after the local wine tasting at the restaurant’s cellar. Participation, food selection and Date reservation shall be done at least a week in advance.

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At NYKTERIDA... years pass as beautiful moments

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If you don't trust us try it by yourself... but if you don't succeed then we wait for you to taste and discuss by close...



The Malvasia is the richest perfume Cretan variety that has spread and enriched the Mediterranean vineyards eight centuries ago. Golden-green white wine with a complex aroma of citrus and nuts.


Variety: Grenache Rouge 50%, Syrah 50%
Features description: Color rosy. Nose with strawberry caramel aroma, grenadine and rose trees. Soft taste with gentle acidity and sweetness in the aftertaste sensation.



Variety cabernet sauvignon, organic. Aged in small oak barrels.
Plush dark red fruits. Notes cinnamon. Color purple, lively, enticing, with enviable balance and harmony in taste...
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