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Ο Μπάμπης Μαστρίδης, ενημερώνει τη διάσημη Σεφ, Cat Cora, σε θέματα Κρητικής Διατροφής Ο Μπάμπης Μαστρίδης, ενημερώνει τη διάσημη Σεφ, Cat Cora, σε θέματα Κρητικής Διατροφής

Cretan Diet is a perfect sample of Mediterranean diet which was characterized as an “intangible cultural heritage” from Unesco.

Archeological excavations in Minoan Palace discovered elements reveal that the main nutritional ingredients are still the same and unalterable. Big stoneware jars with olive oil, honey, grain and pulses combined with the murals where Cretan wild greens and herbs are depicted, suggest that fundamental nutrition is cherished.

People of the island use almost exclusively olive oil as a main ingredient combined with wild greens, vegetables, pulses and less often meat, fish, cheese and of course always with wine!

Nykterida restaurant with a long experience in quality cooking and traditional flavors gives a chance to all foreign visitors to learn the secrets of the Cretan gastronomic heritage.

Restaurant Organizes “Interactive Cocking Lessons of Traditional Cretan Dices” for small and large groups in English Language.

Each group will get to choose, prepare and finally eat all dishes prepared after the local wine tasting at the restaurant’s cellar. Participation, food selection and Date reservation shall be done at least a week in advance.



Culinary Tour Itinerary

  • Arrive at Nyktenda Restaurant
  • Welcome drink with a shot of Tsikoudia or wild green “stamnagathi” stock served with extra virgin olive oil and lemon
  • Short introduction to the history of Cretan Diet
  • Visit the wine cellar of the restaurant and local wine tasting
  • Cooking Lessons: Group will alternatively prepare starters, salad, main dish and dessert.
  • There will be a detailed recipe analysis with the ingredients uses and their nutritional benefits.
  • Lunch with the dishes prepared and of course local wine.

Lessons Menu

  • Appetizes
    • Kalitsouni with 4 cheeses, greens and spinach of Dakos (barley rusks with fresh tomato, cheese, wild oregano and olive oil)
    • or Snails boubourista with aged vinegar and rosemary
    • or Staka (clotted cheese) plain or with eggs
    • or Smoked Eggplant with smoked pork and staka (clotted cheese)
    • or Zucchini blossoms stuffed with rice and herbs
  • Salads
    • Sautied Local Greens with cherry tomatoes, olive oil and herbs
    • or Hania salad with barley rusks, myzithra cheese, summer vegetables, capers and olive oil
  • Main courses

    • Lamp tsiqariasto - sfakiano cooked on low heat only with juices
    • or Lamb fricassee with wild herbs and seasonal vegetables
    • or Baked Chicken with okra and fresh tomato sauce
    • or Cretan pilaf with lamb and boiled chicken
    • or Eggplants with xinochontro
    • or Soup (soup of fresh fish broth and olive oil)
    • or Cuttlefish with olives and fennel
    • or Kolokythompoureko with myzithra soft cheese, flavored with mint
    • or Chick peas in the oven with rosemary and bitter orange
  • Desserts
    • Cretan cheese with honey
    • or Sfakiani pie with a thin layer of myzithra soft cheese served with honey
    • or Kalitsounakia with honey
    • or Yugurt with homemade sweets
    • or Yogurt with fruit, honey and walnuts


     Seminar supervisor: Efrosini Katsouna




If you don't trust us try it by yourself... but if you don't succeed then we wait for you to taste and discuss by close...



The Malvasia is the richest perfume Cretan variety that has spread and enriched the Mediterranean vineyards eight centuries ago. Golden-green white wine with a complex aroma of citrus and nuts.


Variety: Grenache Rouge 50%, Syrah 50%
Features description: Color rosy. Nose with strawberry caramel aroma, grenadine and rose trees. Soft taste with gentle acidity and sweetness in the aftertaste sensation.



Variety cabernet sauvignon, organic. Aged in small oak barrels.
Plush dark red fruits. Notes cinnamon. Color purple, lively, enticing, with enviable balance and harmony in taste...
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