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Dimitris Skarmoutsos

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The Well known  Master Chef worked in Nykterida restaurant from 1999 to 2005.

Many of the dishes served even today, are his creations.
Α Group Cooks working for the  Culinary Institute of America, which records international best flavors, worked with Nykterida's  master chef Dimitris Skarmoutsos.
Local cooks in front of the camera, reveal the secrets of Cretan cuisine as part of a documentary, broadcasted from
John Barclay, Journalist
Babis Mastoridis through recipes of NYCHTERIDA, presented at Food Network, the important role of wild greens, dairy and legumes, in the Cretan diet.
Diane Far Louis, Journalist
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Cat Cora Chaine Des Rotisseurs CCTV
The Greek American Iron Chef, experienced  the secrets of the traditional Cretan diet in Nyterida and was impressed by the authentic flavors.
She maintains four Greek restaurants in America and the famous restaurant "KITCHEN" at Disneyland
Chaine Des Rotisseurs, deals with  tasting since 1248 and its members travel around the world in order to learn about countries, traditions, tastes and diet habits.
A group of members, led by Director of Grecotel Creta Palace, Dimitri Kalaitzidaki visited Nykterida, where they tasted amazing flavors, prepared by Babis Mastoridis, all based on local seasonal products from the region.
The Chinese State Television Network, created a unique documentary on the beauties of the Cretan diet, especially olive oil, guided the owner of NYKTERIDA restaurant, Babis Mastoridis 


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«From Athens I flew to Crete where my first visit was to Nykterida, another film-set restaurant, a few kilometers outside Hania. In fact, the founder of Nykterida, Yiannis Mastoridis, was recruited to teach Anthony Quinn how to dance the sirtaki in Zorba the Greek. Yiannis was a dance teacher before coming a restauranteur and the menu has a whole page explaining the history of the restaurant and its owners, In summer, the tables are laid on a vast balustrade terrace overlooking Souda Bay with a dance floor at the back. Babis, Yiannis’s son, organized a tasting menu for me: stuffed Courgette flowers, one lot fried and other stewed, fried snails, superior Kallitsounia (Savory pastries filled with three kinds of cheese) and a salad of wild greens followed by goat and okra stew, baked rabbit and onion, and stewed free-range chicken1 with fresh fruit to finish. The food had an honest, homemade quality, and tasted all the better for its scenic setting. The night I was there, the full moon was rising over the bay.» 
Journalist: Anissa Helou
«Cooking in Crete under a Mediterranean sky. Nykterida…the views of Souda Bay are stunning and owner Babis Mastoridis ‘s food much of it prepared by local women in the traditional Cretan manner, is superb». Nykterida "has been operating since 1933 ... and has written its own history, in the nightlife of Chania.
The list of celebrities who were entertnainedthere,is numerous including: Venizelos, Churchill, Onassis, Bush, Anthony Quinn, Alice Vouyiouklaki and many others ... "
frommers«Many would nominate this  as one of the finest restaurants in all Crete especially for its setting, high on a point with spectacular nighttime views… The cuisine is traditional CretanGreek, but many of the dishes have an extra something ».

"... Babis Mastoridis ... is the ultimate example of Cretan Hospitality ... the caterer, who will guide you to the best neratzolies market and will cut Xinomyzithra, who came straight from the depths of MITATA on the table of the modern, traditional restaurant, with a spectacular view of Souda .. "
Journalist: Diana Kochyla

bostanistas h n vima
Stories over how we can feed ourselves in an alternative way...
"In cooking, the beginning and the end is the raw material"
With this seemingly simple but magnificent in its essence knowledge Babis Mastoridis explains the philosophy of NYKTERIDA, one of the brightest spots of today, gastronomic map of Crete.
Only 7 kilometers from Chania, in Korakies Verde is this atmospheric restaurant, in the kitchen of which, for nearly 80 years, exquisite samples of Cretan Cooking have been prepared"
Journalist: Dimitris Boutos

A thrill in the field of enternainment with gastronomes from Greece and Turkey.
The 7th annual  meeting of the members of the Gastronomy Association of Turkey and Greece, in Crete, took place in Nykterida restaurant in Chania.



The World Culinary Institute, based in New York, has been offering high quality studies in the  recent years  and has launched the program "The Preservation  of the best flavors of the World", which has been recorded to a series of documentaries. On Sunday October 11th 2009, Babis Mastoridis' restaurant Nykterida, opened its doors to show the traditional Cretan recipes, the same ones being prepared in its cuisine, by a local cook under the supervision of Master Chef, Dimitris Skarmoutsos. All this material was filmed by the Culinary Institute of America. After the completion of the above Documentaries, everyone will be able to see the Cretan recipes of NYKTERIDA on the website Notably, the above web place is visited by over people every month!

The celebrities meeting place...
In a completely renovated restaurant, the owner Babis Mastoridis, with his wife, welcome politicians, artists, journalists and lots of friends, to enjoy traditional Cretan dishes, and the wonderful view   Souda port. It was in NYKTERIDA, Anthony Quinn was taught how to dance "sirtaki" for his role in Zorbas,  by Babis' father, John Masioridis.
During the 68 years of operation, Nykterida has host world famous personalities. Lakis Lazopoulos, who maintains a friendly relasionship with the owner of the restaurant, was there too..


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