Nykterida has earned your confidence by organizing events like the dream, with high quality service in the servicing of your guests and excellent food that makes!

We are the first choice for weddings, christenings, engagements!

We have the perfect venue for safe children's birthday celebrations. In the multilevel garden of Nykterida and the main dining  room we have organized with great success live concerts, music evenings for clubs and traditional dance groups, dance nights and Cretan music for foreign and domestic visitors.

In Nykterida we host culinary and winemaking trials of the greatest Greek companies in the food and beverage, corporate dinners and events, conferences, gala dinners for guests on request and banquets, honorary awards, etc.

In the kitchen of Nykterida we shared the secrets of traditional Cretan food with the with famous TV chefs: Elias Mamalakis, Iron Chef Cat Cora and the television channel Food Network! The largest Chinese state television CCTV network created a great video Tribute to Greece with Babis Mastoridis representing Crete.

The secrets of Cretan cuisine "exchanged" with their experience in our kitchen most prestigious restaurateurs Diana Kohila, or Myrsini Lambrakis, Diane Amproouz, Epicurus.

We organized cooking seminars -about the secrets of the cretan nutricion- for the Cullinary Institute of America.

Events menu

Traditional appetize Smoked chicken crepe, Seafood crepe, Pita with mushrooms and sun dried tomato, Smoked salmon with arugula, Smoked tomatoes with smoked salmon mouse, Grilled bread with tomato fresh basil and olives, Guacamole, Eggplant salad with walnuts, Chicken curry, Shrimp skewer with rosemary, Shrimp salad, Shrimp with avocado and tartar sauce, Shrimp cocktail, Shrimp with phyllo dough
Heat Lamb and chicken with rice pilaf, Stew lamb, Oven roasted lamb, Lamb in grapevines, Herb crusted lamb, Stuffed lamb with goat cheese herbs and peppers, Lamb with wild greens, Lamb with aborigines
Dressing Potatos Roasted potatoes with rosemary, Baked potatoes with yogurt, Stuffed potatoes with cheese and bacon, Soufflé with mushrooms, Haselbuck with thyme, Puree with fresh basil and pine nuts, Roasted new potatoes
Seafood Steamed fish, Grilled fish, Herb crusted fish, Grilled fish with caramelized onions and cherry tomatoes, Grilled fish with rosemary and lemon, Fish soup, Lobster with butter shrimp, Shrimp risotto, Shrimp pasta with pesto and cherry tomatoes, Penne pasta with smoked salmon saffron and caviar
Salads NYKTERIDA salad with balsamic vinaigrette, Green salad with cherry tomatoes, Ceaser with chicken of shrimp, Green salad with strawberries walnuts and raspberry vinaigrette, Garden salad with fresh basil, Green salad with dill fresh onion, Smoke salmon and arugula salad, Green salad with avocado and arugula, Beet salad with yogurt, Mozzarella prosciutto and tomato salad, Green Salad with mixed nuts and orange dressing
Desserts Milfei with fresh strawberries, Panacotta with caramel sauce, Crème brule, Chocolate soufflé, Tiramisu, Walnut pie, Profiterole, Egg and cream pie, Cantaifi, Philo and walnut pie, Ekmek ice cream, Crème caramel, Fresh fruit tarts, Lemon pie, Cheese cake


Come 'n' cook


Nykterida restaurant with a long experience in quality cooking and traditional flavors gives a chance to all foreign visitors to learn the secrets of the Cretan gastronomic heritage.

Restaurant Organizes “Interactive Coοking Lessons of Traditional Cretan Dishes” for small and large groups in English Language.

Each group will get to choose, prepare and finally eat all dishes prepared after the local wine tasting at the restaurant’s cellar. Participation, food selection and Date reservation shall be done at least a week in advance.

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Come, to organize together your unique moments. With warm hospitality on our premises, share your joy with your guests.
Handmade flower arrangements, candles, special menus, printed for you..because fun in Nykterida is truly "different"...


Celebrate, dreamily the birthdays of your little beloved ones and share special moments both to your guests, but also to you. Within a magical decor, clowns, face painting, magicians, original games and within all, accompanied by a modern menu ideal for children...


Create unforgettable moments, welcoming your guests, on the first official celebration of your dearest babies.
With carefully selected music, unique atmosphere and panoramic view throughout the four cardinal points, spend carefree hours that will never be forgotten…


Celebrate birthdays, important anniversaries, draw children's parties with inflatable park, carnival meetings, 'Latin', 'disco' and “tango” evenings, dance meetings, receptions,gatherings and anything else you can imagine! Feel comfortable, creative and cheerful...
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