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Continuity since 1933

Nykterida restaurant is located in Korakies 1 kilometer from Venizelos Monuments in Akrotiri, 5 kilometers from the airport and 7 kilometers for the center of the town since 1933.

With the exceptional, panoramic view of the “White Mountains” and Souda Bay, Nykterida restaurant puts its signature on the nightlife of the town's citizens.

Nykterida has created a multi-functional indoor and outdoor dining area, ready to correspond to every high demanding customer and every special moment to come.
The main dining room (which is ideal for the cold, winter nights) can accommodate up to 500 people.

We, the people of Nykterida have the knowledge and the required service experience to organize our reception exactly the way you want it, with special prices and exceptional hospitality!

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Come 'n' cook


Nykterida restaurant with a long experience in quality cooking and traditional flavors gives a chance to all foreign visitors to learn the secrets of the Cretan gastronomic heritage.

Restaurant Organizes “Interactive Coοking Lessons of Traditional Cretan Dishes” for small and large groups in English Language.

Each group will get to choose, prepare and finally eat all dishes prepared after the local wine tasting at the restaurant’s cellar. Participation, food selection and Date reservation shall be done at least a week in advance.

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Our cellar


The cellar of NYKTERIDA, is located in the basement of the restaurant and was created within a 40 square meters cistern, built in1880, with volcanic rock from theisland of Santorini. This is the place where the wines ofNYKTERIDA, from all major wine growing regions of theGreek Territory-with particular emphasis in those produced inCrete- are "ripen" in ideal storage and aging conditions. The cellar can be visited by all our customers.



Come, to organize together your unique moments. With warm hospitality on our premises, share your joy with your guests. Handmade flower arrangements, candles, special menus, printed for you...
because fun in Nykterida is truly "different"...


Celebrate birthdays, important anniversaries, draw children's parties with inflatable park, carnival meetings, 'Latin', 'disco' and “tango” evenings, dance meetings, receptions, gatherings and anything else you can imagine! Feel comfortable, creative and cheerful...


Celebrate, dreamily the birthdays of your little beloved ones and share special moments both to your guests, but also to you. Within a magical decor, clowns, face painting, magicians, original games and within all, accompanied by a modern menu ideal for children...


Create unforgettable moments, welcoming your guests, on the first official celebration of your dearest babies. With carefully selected music, unique atmosphere and panoramic view throughout the four cardinal points, spend carefree hours that will never be forgotten…

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