Babis Mastoridis long ago before Cretan diet became popular, has given attention to the traditional preparation of Cretan food.

His philosophy in food is to use seasonal products in all menu dishes. This results in using only fresh ingredients such as vegetables and herbs.

Master Chef  Dimitris Skarmoutsos worked for six years in Nykterida restaurant where he learned the secrets of Cretan cuisine and the use of Cretan herbs.

The  kitchen of Nykterida, has hosted the last decade the most famous Culinary Organizations such as CIA (Culinary Institute of America), Food Network, as well as some of the well known Chefs, food critics and Cretan food seminars.
The aim of these partnerships as Babis Mastoridis says, is his personal opinion that Crete has all the comparative advantages to become a gastronomic destinations, however it is important for every business in food and tourism industry to follow the same direction in order to achieve this.

Nowadays Nykterida restaurant serves bread products that are prepared in a wooden oven bakery based in traditional Cretan recipes  for pies, rusk bread and bread. 
The main ingredients that are used are olive oil, local dairy products and all wild herbs and greens of Crete.

We, the people of Nykterida have the knowledge and the required service experience to organize our reception exactly the way you want it, with special prices and exceptional hospitality!


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Come 'n' cook


Nykterida restaurant with a long experience in quality cooking and traditional flavors gives a chance to all foreign visitors to learn the secrets of the Cretan gastronomic heritage.

Restaurant Organizes “Interactive Coοking Lessons of Traditional Cretan Dishes” for small and large groups in English Language.

Each group will get to choose, prepare and finally eat all dishes prepared after the local wine tasting at the restaurant’s cellar. Participation, food selection and Date reservation shall be done at least a week in advance.

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