Finest hospitality and unforgettable moments!!

In 1922, after the big catastrophe of Asia minor, the dancing teacher Yiannis Mastorides arrives in Hania from Izmir.
He teaches the dances of the era to the youngsters of the town who, a decade later are to become the first customers of Nykterida, the restaurant that opens in 1933 and used to work as a hunting pavilion at the exact same building as today!

In 1940 the restaurant is confiscated and used as a club by the Germans.

After the war guests of Nykterida include Eleftherios Venizelos, Winston Churchill, Aristoteles Onasis, the Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth, Alan Bates, Aliki Viougouklaki, Jenny Karezi, George Bush, Andreas Papandreou, Melina Merkouri, Zoi Laskari, Lakis Lazopoulos, the Mistotakis Family, John Boutaris, Karolos Papoulias and many personalities of world renown.

At Nykterida Anthony Quinn was taught by Yannis Mastorides how to dance the sirtaki that be danced in the film “Zorba the Greek”

With the stunning view of the “White Mountains” and Souda Bay being an anchor, decades passed with Nykterida being on the top of citizens choices.

Then it’s time for renewal. Babis Mastoridis and the architects Danae Skaraki and Marios Nikiforiadis created the New Nykterda. In its kitchen from 2000 to 2006 the famous master chef Dimitris Sarmoutsos creates new dishes based on the ideas of Babis Mastoridis and of course Cretan nutrition. Dimitris Skarmoutsos attends the menu even now.

The renovated indoor and garden area, the stunning sea view from the terrace combined with traditional recipes, handmade sweets and homemade “tsikoudia” bring out the greatness of the Cretan hospitality.
In Nykterida Restaurant -the nights are unique- perfect surroundings for a twosome as well as for a 500 people wedding party.


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Our cellar

Η κάβα μας

The cellar of NYKTERIDA, is located in the basement of the restaurant and was created within a 40 m2 cistern, built in 1880, with volcanic rock from the island of Santorini.

This is the place where the wines of NYKTERIDA, from all major wine growing regions of the Greek Territory -with particular emphasis in those produced in Crete- are "ripen" in ideal storage and aging conditions.

The cellar can be visited by all our customers.


Historical records

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